Tiein2India "One-stop-solution"
for all your graphic design, print media and multimedia needs
We specialize in graphic design, content writing, transcription, multimedia solutions like audio and video editing. In its relentless pursuit to perfection, Tiein2India is rediscovering itself to become the ultimate one-stop destination for total multimedia solutions.
Print Media Solution
Professional Print Media Solution at affordable price.
We, at Tiein2India, can provide all your print media and DTP needs. Whether you require a project for business or personal use we can develop a unique design that completely fits your requirements.
Creative Graphic Design
We have mastered the art of Visual Communications.
We offer a complete range of high quality graphic design services to our clients, helping them to create original, memorable and meaningful images for their companies.
Bespoke LOGO Design
For your brand identity
Logo is the prima facie of your visual identity, an emblematic image of your company's vision and values. A creative good looking logo conveys true business message, creates a lasting visual impact on people in and around the company using a combination of text and graphics.
Multimedia for next generation
Transforming all of your multimedia aspirations into reality.
Tiein2India is providing excellent multimedia services to a wide range of clientele. We are specializing in Multimedia and Technology Solutions like Interactive presentations, Corporate presentations, Product presentations, Marketing presentations, Flash presentations, Video and Voice Studio Editing, Video Shooting, etc.

Multimedia Creative Services Wrapped in Customer Service

It's been said that "ideas are easy and execution is tough."

It doesn't have to be - if you have the right people on your team who are ready to step up to the plate.

The world is full of talented people and it isn't hard to find a company with the technical expertise to pull off a solid marketing/product launch campaign. What is difficult is finding a group of "creative types" whose design & communication style and work ethic give you confidence, and whose work culture is in line with yours.

At Tiein2India, we approach each assignment with fresh eyes. Every project has its own set of challenges and as we move from one situation to the next, we know we have to be prepared to run the gamut of budgets, deadlines and technical challenges. We also appreciate that depending on the size of the company, the project could be managed by a seasoned committee or a single frazzled owner who is being pulled in a hundred directions.

We work with virtually every size company, from large corporations to mom-and-pop businesses. We work with creative agencies, corporate organisations and publishers, providing solutions to make their businesses more profitable, efficient and compelling.We re-purpose brand assets across different media and across different languages to ensure that there is consistency in brand usage and identity. Regardless, success comes with good design & communication, while customer service remains a priority.